5 Ways Summer Camp Improves a Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

While the news has been filled with continued updates on the world-wide pandemic, the U.S election and other events that will shape our children’s future, we must not forget the importance of continuing to help our children develop the skills we are practicing ourselves each day as we manage our way through our world’s new […]

Summer Camps in 2020 Aren’t Cancelled (but they will be different)

Without a doubt, 2020 is already off to a really strange start. As the corona pandemic took hold, schools were closed and spring activities were canceled. Now, parents everywhere are trying to figure out how they are going to navigate summer. After all, kids still need to create memories, make new friends, experience new things […]

Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic

By Dr. Chinwe Williams as featured on Parent Cue If you’re struggling with how to manage your family’s increasing anxiety about the current public health crisis, you’re not alone. As information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold, many families are experiencing a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Employers and employees are worried about […]

Why is Play Important?

Have you ever overheard your little in their room by themselves chatting away? Take a peek next time and you will see their imagination at work. Better yet, go join them! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.” In the preschool […]

The Learning Environment

We’ve shared how important the teachers are in your child’s life, but did you know that their learning environment is just as important? The environment is the foundation for learning. It’s no secret that at Phase Family Center we believe that every parent is a child’s first and best teacher, and that every teacher is […]

Building Phase Family

Have you driven by and wondered “What is that?” on the corner of Webb Bridge Road and Morris Road? After months of work, it is finally starting to take shape. That, my friends, is the beginning of the Phase Family Learning Center. Now your next question might be “What on earth is The Phase Family […]

What Does A Child Learn In Preschool?

Many families look to preschools as a meaningful time in their children’s lives, providing opportunities where their children can learn and experience joy in a safe and nurturing environment. You already know how important it is to choose the right preschool so that’s a good fit for your family and your child. In this article […]