School Break Camps


At Phase Learning Center School Break Camps, we deconstruct the world of play and open the doors to unlimited learning experiences. Our spaces are designed intentionally to cultivate both the artist and scientist in every child in electrifying, fun-inspired learning environments. Each theme is based around our mantra: “Play. Learn. Grow.” where kids learn relational values to gather with friends and the knowledge to shape the future.

2020 Camp Sessions

Sometimes schools are closed but work isn't. Phase for a Day allows us to open our doors even wider to families not registered in our full-time programs. Enroll in these day camps and experience everything Phase has to offer - for a day!
  • - February 14-18
  • - March 12-13
  • - March 24
  • - April 6-10 (Spring Break)

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Are you ready to experience the best summer yet? Beginning May 26 and running nine-weeks long, we'll be hosting our very own summer camp for ages 5-12. Packed full of special activity sessions, this will be one summer to top all the others. Enrollment begins January 13, 2020.

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