Toddlers & Two’s


Toddlers crave fun environments to help inspire them to move and help build coordination. At Phase Family Learning Center we provide opportunities to learn  necessary life skills to develop confidence and reinforce the “I can do it myself” mindset. By having open-ended imaginative play, Toddlers can express emotions, build social skills and move their whole bodies. During their day, our Toddlers will be able to choose where they work and play in the classroom learning centers and outside. Children this age are naturally curious, and learn best by doing.  So we provide hands-on experiences where they can spend time each day using basic tools, figuring out how things work, sorting things into piles, counting and exploring various sensory materials. As language development continues to progress through their love of books and songs. We will introduce them to letters, sounds, and number awareness through their names, signs, ages, and other familiar print.