Our Educational Philosophy

The Phase Foundations Difference
Child reading while sitting on a stack of books
The natural artist and scientist in each child

Parents as a child’s first and best teacher

Teachers as champions for children + families The environment as a third teacher that inspires learning

Our community and neighbors as active collaborators

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Balanced Approach

We believe in a balanced approach, inspired by current research and timeless methodology. Our unique Phase Foundations Curriculumis inspired by childhood develop- ment leaders like Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lawrence Kohlberg and others. We are also influenced by, and draw from, some of the amazing work done at Reggio Emilia and Montessori schools, in addition to the Project Zero approach at Havard University. We consciously align our curriculum so that an entire school is immersed in the same theme at the same time—from infants through five years old. Each age group has experiences designed just for their unique life stage and needs, while staying focused on the same big picture theme as everyone else in the program.

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Nurtured & Cared For

We believe all young children need to feel they are loved and safe. We know to cradle them close, get down on their eye level, and offer hugs and high fives to show our excite- ment that they are here. We know that chil- dren need to feel emotionally safe and nur- tured to thrive.

Our teachers will be specifically trained in the age group they serve. They will seek to know each child individually, and be able to assess where they are developmentally in each area. We know each child’s learning path is unque. We are here to respond to each child’s needs, both academically and emotionally, to support them as they learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes.

Our unique approach of providing every child with a dedicated team means a level and quality of care and education not often experienced. Some staff are more generalists with knowledge and experience teaching a certain age, while others are more specialists in a subject bringing depth often found

only at a secondary school. Everyone who interacts with a child during the day and week has an impact on the child’s experience.

Little girl reading a book
Developing Skills

Here at Phase Family Learning Center, we provide a balance of teacher-led and child-led opportunities throughout the day. Our teachers will use a Gradual Release of Responsibility and scaffold opportunities for children, empowering them to do more and more inde- pendently. Children develop executive brain function and self-regulation when they have consisten chances to choose and reflect on what happened.

We also believe it is crucial to think about the skills that our children need to develop to be successful adults. Re- search shows that companies are look- ing to hire self-motivated, curious, and confident leaders that work well with others. We design everything to help children grow. This includes our own curriculum, assessments, enrichment rooms and outdoor areas.